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TravPro is an integrated cloud-based CRM and back-end customer, reservations, rates and destination management tool geared toward Tour Operators, Corporate and Leisure Travel.

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About TravPro_

TravPro is a cloud based solution designed for Inbound Tour Operators, Outbound Tour Operators, Service Handlers, Corporate Travel Providers and Destination Management organisations.

It is a highly scalable solution which encompasses everything from rate management to invoicing, and everything in between. A highlight feature matrix is provided below.


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TRAVPRO_ Features

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Integrated Finance with Sage One

TravPro's Finance dashboard will give you  live views of your organisations performance metrics such as live invoicing numbers, booking conversion rates, highest grossing business units/destinations and star performers. As a Tour Operator these statistics give you invaluable insight into the markets which drive your business forward.

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We've partnered with Sage and integrated TravPro with their equally ubiquitous cloud-based solution Sage One. That means debtor invoices and creditor purchase orders/invoices are generated from confirmed bookings at the click of a button! Dead easy!

Your front office can even receipt monies in TravPro and that activity propagates immediately and seamlessly into Sage One. Bank reconciliation and all other accounting matters are taken care of in Sage One.

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Feature highlight

15 years proven, enough said

"TravPro has been the core of our business for over 12 years now. We love it!"

At the heart of the TravPro software is a multi-tiered rates database which allows you, the Tour Operator, to design complex pricing contracts intuitively. Using sophisticated data processing algorithms TravPro tracks destination statistics booking conversion rates, office productivity and a myriad of organisational performance metrics while your business moves forward.


By enabling your operators to respond efficiently, effectively and professionally to requests for quotations you are more likely to achieve conversion. TravPro's responsive user interface which leverages off of the latest in web technologies, and its anywhere-anytime accessibility empowers your organisation with a comprehensive set of tooling.


TravPro implements state-of-the-art mechanisms which allow you to pre-build itineraries and packaged tours and simply drop them into costings, then customize and tailor on the fly.


To keep track of your organisations performance and know where its going, you need access to the real data without having to burden your accounts and operations teams. Our Finance Dashboard gives you consise metrics which describe peaks and troughs in turnover and it allows you to directly correlate back to destination/seasonal data, visually.


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Responsive design

TravPro runs on virtually any device. As long as it has a modern browser installed.

Operations DASHBOARD

Live organisational operatioanl reporting generated dynamically. Identify bottlenecks, business unit vacuums and overall productivity.


Snapshot views of your supply chain. Leverage that data and strengthen your position with your Suppliers. Negotiate your contracts with a solid business case.


Identify which business units, destinations and key staff are contributing the most to your bottom line.


Your operations team have a birds-eye view of incoming and outgoing travellers. Leverage off of this to cement relationships. Our integration modules allow you to deliver a personal touch, easily.

Cloud Based

No need for expensive servers, database software and massive bandwidth.


Relationship management

Ticket queries raised by clients and track your courtesy calls. Manage the feedback and set reminders for your sales team.


Integration with maps to generate pinned route information on tours


Generating costings in a single currency or a mix of currencies.


Intuitively manage contracts with your prefered clients. Easily report on whether those relationships are yeilding the desired results.

Connect your website

Leverage off of our Web based API. We'll gladly assist your web developers with integration. Drive your website by tapping into the TravPro database.

Integrate Third parties

Integrate with the rest of the value chain using our Web based API. Pull data from supplier databases, allow clients restricted access to their pricing data, develop custom modules.

Our Engineering Team

THASA Technologies, Software Engineering Firm.

Engineering is done by THASA Technologies, an innovative Software Engineering Firm, principally based in South Africa and with human capital distributed across various geographies.

THASA's objectives are aligned with the products core ideology, in that its aims to bring powerful solutions to organisations under cost effective licensing models. The aim is to disrupt industries by building and leveraging cutting edge technologies.

THASA Technologies is an enterprise software product provider which operates in niche industries.


Reach out to us for a live demonstration of TravPro or to simply discuss the product roadmap, and how your business could feature in it.


First Floor, Liberty Life Building,  21 Aurora Drive,  Umhlanga, Durban,  SOUTH AFRICA


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